Agricultural Board

Agricultural Security Area Advisory Committee
Appointed for a life-term

Douglas S. King, Supervisor and Active Chairman of the Advisory Committee

Harold L. King, Farmer

Bob Maciejewski, Resident

Jim Patterson, Farmer


The Agricultural Security Area Advisory Committe is a five (5) member committee.  The membership of this Committee must be one Supervisor, three (3) farmers and one (1) resident.  Members serve a life-term, and appointments are made by the Board of Supervisors.

The purpose of this Committee is to advise the governing body and work with the Planning Commission in relation to the proposed establishment, modification, and termination of agricultural Security Areas.  The Committee shall render expert advice relating to the desirability of such action, including advice as to the nature of farming and farm resources within the proposed area and the relation of farming in such area to the local government unit as a whole.