Public Works

Nottingham Township Public Works Department
Hours of Operation: 6:30 am to 3:30 pm

Address: 909 Sugar Run Road, Eighty-Four, PA 15330


Director of Public Works

Douglas S. King – Phone: 724-348-5622 Ext. 114 / Fax: 724-348-8822

Public Works Personnel

Brian Lindley

Kevin Madar

Dave Barkey

Anthony Czadankiewicz

The Nottingham Township Public Works Department is responsible for all maintenance on Township roads including snow plowing and winter maintenance. In order to help facilitate ice and snow removal, the Township prohibits the following:
1. No parking vehicles on any roadway during certain times, including snow emergencies.
2. No piling, blowing, or throwing snow onto any public roadway.

There are approximately 31 miles of roads to maintain in the Township. The Public Works Department is responsible for mowing right-of-ways, repairing potholes, cleaning of roadside swales, road resurfacing, as well as, continuing with the development and maintenance of Sherwood Park.

State Roads

Within the Township there are some roads maintained by PennDOT.  That means that PennDOT is responsible for all snow plowing, maintenance, etc. on these roads.  The PennDot roads are listed below:

Valley View Road
Venetia Road
Mingo Church Road
Linden Road
Little Mingo Road
Ginger Hill Road
Route 136
Sugar Run Road from the
Mingo Park Entrance to Snowdrift Road

Contact PennDOT Washington County Maintenance at 724-223-4480 for State road related issues or questions.