UCC Board of Appeals

Members appointed to a six year term

Meetings are held on an as needed basis.


Brad Simon, Chairman  – Term expires January 2029
Andrew Tumicki, Vice Chairman – Term expires January 2028
Secretary – Vacancy


The Township of Nottingham has elected to admininster and enforce the provisions of the Pennsylvania Construction Code Act, Act 45 of 1999, as amended form time to time and its regulations.  With the adoption of the Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Nottingham Township was required to establish a Board of Appeals.

The Board of Appeals shall hear and rule on appeals, request for variances and requests for extensions of time.  An application for appeal shall be based on a claim that the true intent of the Act or Uniform Construction Code has been incorrectly interpreted, the provisions of the act or Uniform Construction Code do not fully apply, or an equivalent form of construction is to be used.